One of the most consistently powerful business strategies I've experienced is the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system - Peter Hall, CEO

Make CRM Your

Competitive Advantage

As a business owner, founder and director myself I have found that a well chosen and configured CRM has the ability to underpin a whole organisation. It doesn't replace people but it supports and enables them by giving them access to data, conveniences and automations so that they can focus on their job, sell more and deliver better. 


Great for them, great for your business.


It's also not a substitute for culture but it can contribute to collaboration and a team ethos by allowing people to communicate around a project, client or opportunity. It cuts across business functions and through organisational hierarchies giving everyone the data they need, when they need it. 

This isn't hearsay, I've seen it first hand in my own business with benefits ranging from reduced operational costs, greater customer satisfaction and the all-important increased revenue (in my business we increased sales output by 40% and increased revenue by $500k in the first 6 months).

This is what I love about CRM and why I'm passionate about helping businesses succeed with a well-considered, well-designed and well-implemented solution.

Read on to learn some of the core challenges of CRM implementation and how I can help.

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The Challenge

Not all CRM implementations go to plan. Lack of executive endorsement, executive/management misalignment, poor user adoption, poor configuration (or no configuration at all) and under-investment can all contribute to a failed roll out.


Even great technical administrators can fail in getting the best out of a CRM if they are not connected to the businesses objectives, strategies and  processes.

For me, business acumen is as important as technical ability when it comes to implementing a CRM so that a direct line can be drawn between strategy, processes (operations) and an implementation. 

 Peter Hall, CEO

How My Approach

Can Help You

I build my method around three core areas: strategy, process and implementation.


For me these are the essential, overlapping requirements that connects your business goals to the way your CRM is configured and deployed. 

Breaking it down:

  1. Strategy - Your vision plays a huge part in how your systems should be configured - Is it for scale? Is it for efficiency? Is it for revenue? I can help you articulate how your systems play an integral part in your strategic framework and help you identify key areas of focus so you can hit the ground running.

  2. Process - This is the deep dive. I help you to review your processes, identify efficiencies and map out critical pathways throughout your business. Importantly this is done with the CRM front of mind to exploit its features and automations. This step also avoids the situation where the client gives the brief without CRM knowledge, leading to an implementation that doesn't meet expectations.

  3. Implementation - The culmination of the preparation work translated into designing, configuring and delivering your CRM into your business (the fun part!). See your branded environment come to life, give your input on how it looks, how data is laid out and get the system that exceeds your expectations.


I'm with you through the whole process to consult, coach and advise. You get to work with someone who has been there, who understands the importance of systems on a business, and has seen first hand the benefits it brings. Leverage my business and CRM experience to your advantage.

Training and support packs are available to enhance user adoption, and give you peace of mind should you need technical help or advice.


CRM is an investment and can transform a business, but it should be financially palatable which is why I'm always transparent on costs, offer flexible payment options and go the extra mile to provide pre-costed, bite-sized project costings so you can budget accordingly.


Need help procuring license? I can save you thousands on license costs by negotiating on your behalf.

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