Why I choose Salesforce


Business is a personal challenge and an intellectual pursuit. I love to see an idea germinate into a strategy, a plan and then ACTION. I love to learn from failures and thrive on success and much prefer to do this in an environment without boundaries.

Salesforce allows me to do this. The depth of configurability and swathe of features opens up a world of possibility. Think it, dream it - you can probably do it with Salesforce. Its versatility lends itself to any business-size across any sector or industry.

Businesses can now get enterprise-level systems, and they can now be built without code (!) making it quicker and cheaper to access than ever. This accessibility is a game-changer and if you're not jumping on board its very probable your competitors are. 

One of the great 

There are a few caveats though, and I'm always honest with my clients about these:

  • Salesforce is not cheap! 

    • It has to make sense economically to your business. 

  • With great configurability comes great complexity.